Movie Review: The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Imitation Game

So, recently, I watched 2 very great movies. And the movies really has impact on me. They’re still make me think even I already out from the studio.


The first one is The Grand Budapest Hotel. What makes me want to watch this movie first because the movie itself just won The Best Picture in Comedy. Second, because Ralph Fiennes. I like Ralph. He is a great actor, and handsome of course. And I don’t regret watching this at all. Although I’m late to watch this movie, because it’s already out in March 2014, but still, what a great movie. Great storyline, the story really flows beautifully, really funny, really entertaining. This movie makes me want to watch another Wes Anderson movies because he is a genius. And I heard from my friend that actually all Wes’ movies are amazing. Maybe I will review it if I watched it.

The second movie that I just recently watched is The Imitation Game. Of course, the reason I want to watch this because it is nominated for the Best Picture in Academy Award, Golden Globe and all the awards that I known. Second, because so may great actors include in this movie, such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Matthew Goode, Mark Strong, Rory Kinnear and even Keira Knightley. And this movie isn’t dissapoint. And because it is based on a true story makes me love this movie even more. Although it’s a lil bit tragic (in the end) about what happened to Alan, but still this movie is amazing. The movie itself has a up and down moment, you will feel feelings (;p). So great, amazing. I will watch this again for sure. Never get enough.

I hope the next movie that I will watch would not be a disappoint because I have a higher expectation about movies right now. Because this 2 movies are amazing, best movies I ever watch maybe. I think I’m gonna stick with award-nominations movie. :p